Call Transfer not working on Zoiper 5

Hello everybody, i’m using Zoiper 5 for replace phone. When i want dial “##” to transfer a call to another extension, i have an error: “This extension is not available”. But i have already created my extension.
Someone can help me please ?

You’ll need to provide asterisk logs of a failed transfer attempt for anyone to be able to tell you what’s not working.

‘##’ and similar DTMF commands are specialty functions in Asterisk, useful when the normal methods of call transfer (transfer key on an IP phone, hookflash on an analog phone, transfer softkey on a softphone or SIP app, etc.) can’t be used or are undesirable for some reason. Transfer via DTMF has various security issues and sometimes has technical issues (transferred party hears the beeps, interferes with DTMF commands to the remote system) so it should only be used when necessary.

Zoiper 5 supports both blind and attended transfers; see

If these functions don’t work, what goes wrong? If they do work but you have reason not to use them, please explain.

Otherwise, paste a log as noted by @dobrosavljevic .

Thanks for your answer.
This is my logs:

But currently, when i’m want dial ## with my targeted extension, i have 2 beep and the targeted extension do not receive the call.

Does the transfer button in Zoiper work? If not, let’s troubleshoot that first, because it’s a better way to transfer calls.

If it works but for some reason you want to use DTMF transfer instead, please explain.

If you still want DTMF transfer:

Does DTMF from Zoiper work for other functions? For example, can you retrieve voicemail? If not, we’ll fix that first.

Does DTMF transfer fail on incoming calls, outgoing calls or both?

On a working DTMF transfer, the first thing logged is:
bridge_basic.c: Channel PJSIP/xxxxxxx: Started DTMF blind transfer.
Since you don’t show that, I assume that either the tones were not ‘heard’, or DTMF transfer was not enabled.

Thanks you for your answer, I have solved the problem, Inbound callers were not allowed for call transfer. I have corrected this in advenced settings of FreePBX.

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