Call transfer - Bridge start but never end

I’m getting this problem using 2 trunk on a patton SmartNode Model SN4118/4JS4JO/EUI.
If I use another trunk call end regularly. with the patton call end and line stay active.

Incoming call on FXO_1 is answerd from extension 101 that transfer to external number trought FXO_2, call transfer succeded but lines keep on.

From CDR I can see that when call transfer start a BRIDGE START appear, but no BRIDGE END until I physicallly remove the phone cable.

I’m on |PBX Firmware:|6.12.65-31|

Any advice is appreciated. Thanks, BR.

Most likely, the incoming call disconnect is not being detected by the Patton. Confirm this by calling in from your mobile and answering on an extension (no call transfer needed). Hang up the mobile. Within a few seconds, the extension should show that the call has ended. If not, you need to fix the FXO disconnect settings in the Patton. See page 478 of .

If you still have trouble, please post:
What country is the Patton in?
What carrier is it connected to?
If it is connected to equipment on your premises (cable MTA, T1/E1 channel bank, etc.), post make/model.

The Patton as your trunk is responsible for providing “disconnect supervision signalling” to your Asterisk box, Generally it would need to be programmed to recognize any “far end disconnect supervision” from the ‘land-lines’ but if that is not available it needs to synthesize such a state for you, there is nothing that asterisk/freePBX can do to make that work.

Thanks for help, early-disconnect on sip interfaces has solved

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