Call the number of my operator Ippi and it tells me: The number dialed is not in service

Hello, I’m doing this post because I’ve changed, I was with 3 CX and I went to Freepbx. And I made the configuration of Trunks to my operator which is Ippi, so far everything works no problem I configure my incoming routes and my outgoing routes.

When I call the number I’m told: the number dialed is not in service.
When I go to the call history I can see the calls received on the Dashboard.

I don’t understand why I get this message every time I call my number.

Thank you for your understanding

Does anything appear in the Asterisk log on an attempted incoming call? If so, paste it at and post the last eight characters of the URL.

If nothing, run sngrep and report what, if anything appears there.

If also nothing, describe your networking setup (router / firewall, etc.)

Here are the Asterisk logs, I do seem to have a problem, but where is it coming from?
To better describe my situation, my supplier is Ippi and I haven’t done any special configuration apart from 2 extensions to be able to connect to Zoiper 5 for internal testing.

If the failed test incoming calls occurred in the time interval that you logged, they did not hit your Asterisk. The entries all relate to probes and attempted attacks, which you can worry about later.

However, the ‘Derniers appels’ list does not have an entry within the time range shown in the Asterisk log. If this is because of a time zone difference, please post the time zone used on the ippi portal and on your Asterisk log.

Is your ippi trunk pjsip or chan_sip?

As your PBX seems to be properly registered at ippi, please check:
Does the Adresse IP shown on the ippi site match your public IP address?
Does the port number shown on the ippi site match the value you set for Port to Listen On (pjsip) or Bind Port (chan_sip)? Is that port properly forwarded through your router/firewall?

Please post: Modem make/model? Separate router/firewall, if any? If PBX is in a VM, describe networking setup.

Yes my Pbx seems well registered at Ippi.
Yes indeed Freepbx is on a Dedibox server and I use the Proxmox VM.
In my case I disabled the freepbx firewall and yes the base port and port 5060 at Ippi.
Yes the IP address displayed on the Ippi site corresponds to the Freepbx IP address
I’ve just checked and I’m not in the same time zone. I’m in France at the moment and when I look I’m more than 1 hour behind.
date pbx utc

What you are seeing in the log is attempted attacks. It appears that you have UDP port 5060 forwarded in your firewall to the PBX. Removing that forward would eliminate that noise traffic, as would changing Port to Listen on to a random value between 20000 and 50000, forwarding that port instead.

However, we can also ignore the noise for now. Are you sure that you made an incoming call attempt in the time range shown (between 03:09:01 and 03:10:10 UTC)? That’s about 05:10 CEST, are you up that early?

Please don’t post textual information as screenshots. For small amounts of text, say 50 lines or fewer, paste it into your post as preformatted text. For larger amounts, up to say 2000 lines, paste it at and post the link here. If you are too new to post links, just post the last eight characters of the URL.

Thank you for your reply!
I’ve got the right time zone.
So I think the problem must come from the firewall because for me everything that is configuration trunk, inbound routes, outbound routes, extension and zoiper 5 is well configured.

What configuration would you recommend for the firewall?

I’m sorry for the late replies and thank you again for your invaluable help.

Please paste the Asterisk log for a failing test call, including pjsip logger. Note the time that the error announcement was heard.

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