Call Termination Delay


Outside caller : calls my main line

My PBX: rings

Outside caller: Ends call

My PBX: Still ringing (4-5s) after call was ended by outside caller.

Does anyone know why this is happening and giving a solution would be greatly appreciated

Logs from /var/log/asterisk/full would come in handy for this.

If the terminate message is coming in late, it’s the provider.
If the terminate message isn’t arriving (which we’ve seen before with some providers), it could be interaction between you and them.
If the call is terminating based on loss of RTP traffic (which can take a few seconds) instead of an explicit hang up, you’ll see the RTP message.
If you are connecting via POTS Interface, it cold be a signaling problem on your DAHDI interface.

Without any information (you really didn’t give us jack to work with) it’s hard to pinpoint the problem. There are another 20 or 30 things that you might need to look at, but it’s a guessing game at this point.

If your PBX does not answer the call (for IVR, announcement, music, etc.) while your extension is ringing, try setting in chan_dahdi.conf

If the trouble is with disconnecting after answer, there are several possibilities (provider dependent); see

I kind of figured. I was not on site when the client mentioned this to me so I just put it out there to try to get an idea.
Its POTS Lines by the way. Ill get the logs when I go on site.

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