Call supervisor HUD

hello guys

I need a “HUD” or whatever , that helps me with 6 callcenter supervisors to live monitor agent calls but the supervisor can be able to store text notes into the call , in the CDR also can be able to introduce text notes into recroded calls

much better if it is web based , a mist have is that supervisors can “see” un monitored live calls , and also a mark that a recordig has been listened

appreciate your help



guys can be commercial product

Maybe one of these? Specific questions about each product are best answered by the product’s support teams.

Sorry, after rereading, maybe something like this?

Fop2 will let you listen to the live calls, and or coach (whisper). It uses a GUI interface. Very slick. that is well worth the $40 it costs for anyone running asterisk, just to be able to live view trunk activity.

Call Recording in FreePBX (paid module) is like $25. Works great to be able to listen and download recordings. Haven’t seen anything recently though that would let you give notes based on the calls though.

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