Call Screening?

Hello All,

How can I set something up where I can hear a message being left in real time? What I want to set us is something like an old school answering machine where you can hear who is calling as they leave the message and decide whether to pick up or not. If not, that message should be left in the voicemail box. Now this message needs to be heard by a certain group of people.

Any way to accomplish this? I need to get this implemented ASAP.


I don’t think it’s possible, for two reasons.

  1. Once the call has been transferred to voicemail, there’s no way that I’m aware of to interrupt and retrieve that call.
  2. Even recording isn’t in real time - there’s a short delay as the call is transcoded and copied onto disk.

Now, if you had an FXS port (to hook a real telephone to) on your system, you could transfer the call to that and hook up a ‘classic’ answering machine. You could then “chanspy” the call and stop the answering machine, but then you lose the voicemail in the system (it would be on the machine).

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