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Hey, firstly, most the semi related errors i find are more than 7 years old, but I hit a situation where one tenant wanted call screening, no problems it works great - but if they are out, when the screener calls them and there is no answer, it doesnt direct the caller to voicemail. so they have no idea someone called.

How do I sort this out? does screener not actually do this?
if it matters follow me is disabled.


If there is truly a ‘no answer’, the call will be sent to whatever, post a log of a truly unanswered call that didn’t follow that rule, pots lines for example will always answer, and cell phones need their noanswer timeout longer than the Asterisk one.

not sure what you mean truly unanswered? I’ll try grab logs in morning but

caller calls
fpbx screener answers, they saiy there name, screen calls room
tenant not home so extension rings to timeout
if caller dials call traceback they get number who called, there is no other mention.
screener doesnt go " oh well nobodies in so I’ll send the caller to voicemail"

The logs will say whether the call was answered or not. If it wasn’t answered it will show it’s further progression

righty o, thanks
this kinda tells me your saying it should have sent it to voicemail when tenant didnt pickup.

I’ll go in early to grab logs, thanks, used screener a few times but never had this problem reported, maybe its something else gone awry with that server

BT trunks by any chance?


Ok you Pommie. Both have a reputation for being ‘tricky’


haha you’re telling me :slight_smile:

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