Call screening and queues


Until a few days, I had an Elastix 2.3 homemade server. After an
update, some curious bugs appears and i decided to reinstall the
system; I remember that this Elastix was based on a freepbx (but
don’t remember the version) since there was an access to the freepbx ui.

I finally reinstall freepbx with asterisk 11 since i didn’t use the elastix functions.

On the Elastix, I had call screening activated and it worked in the following scheme:

  • Caller with hidden number calls;
  • After 2 rings, a prompt asked something like “please say your name after beep…”;
  • Once the name recorded, the call was redirected to a linear queue;
  • The phones of the queue rung one after the other ;
  • The 1st phone that tooks the call could here “A caller named … is waiting, press 1 for…, press 2…”;

To perform this with Elastix, the configuration was:

  • Inbound route -> queue (linear);
  • The first agent (extension) of the queue had call screening activated;
  • The following agents (extensions) of the queue had call screening desactived;

I tryied to do this with freepbx but with the same configuration only the 1st extension of the queue rungs, never switching to the following extensions after agent timeout.

I found a trick on a PIAF forum:

  • Create a dummy extension with call screening activated;
  • Send the inbound route to this dummy extension;
  • In the dial field of this extension, put “local/[email protected]” where xxxx is the number of ringgroup;
  • I try it with a queue number as xxxx;

With this configuration it worked like with the Elastix but still a little difference:

On Elastix the message “A caller named … is waiting, press 1 for…, press 2…” started to play only when the first agent tooks the call;

Now the message “A caller named … is waiting, press 1 for…, press 2…” starts when the call is send to the queue; when the first agent takes the call, the beginning of the message already played; He will then need to wait the end of the message and the replay to here the caller name. It seems that the ivr consider the switch to the queue
like a pick up.

I’m not very skilled with asterisk, so can anybody help me or to make this call screening working like with the Elastix ? I mean Caller name playback starts only when an agent of the queue picks the call and not when the call is sent to the queue.

Per advance thank for any help or idea.