Call recordings not going to email after updating FreePBX

In regards to this recent post here:

After installing updates this weekend I had a user call me this morning saying they did not receive their recording via email. I could go into the CDR and grab it but it did not go out via email.

I was on Call Recording module I downgraded to and it’s working fine.

Just wanted to let people know that this appears to still be an issue.


Hello this is strange. I had this issue with 15.07.22 in which case i downgraded to .20 and all worked.

However 15.07.24 , for me at least, works very fine, no issues at all.

Best regards

Well I went ahead and updated back to .24 and tested things and recordings are still sending via email. Not quite sure what to make of that. But I’m glad it’s still working.

.22 was the issue. It got resolved with .24

It is working fine with us ever since we upgraded. Glad it is working for you too.

Best Regards

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