Call recordings naming convention for Filestore upload

When we upgraded to FreePBX 16 I was happy to see that the module has an option for filestore upload – in the past, we used a cron script for this. However, I have not been able to find any information as to how the archive files are named. I know in the past, they were named backup1.tar, backup2.tar etc. and the wiki implies that naming convention remains. If that’s the case, then uploading to s3 for long term retention won’t work – I will have a bunch of files overwriting each other.

For what it’s worth we called ours names like 2017-04-01-call-recordings.tar . That way we had different ones for each month. Does the filestore upload have a reasonable naming convention? Or should I go back to the cron script?

I realize now my understanding was probably incorrect. The filestore allows you to customize where the archives are first created; it does not create them locally and then move them. So I will go back to using the cron job.

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