Call recordings missing

Dear Sir,

I have running FreePBX Version 14 with Asterisk 13 for calling. I have facing a very serious problem that i have configured forced call recording options for all trunks, Today when i need some call recordings i see my FreePBX server missing my all call recordings and i have search all call recordings in my Asterisk folder but can not found any call recording. Please help me that how i can find the problem that why my system can not record any call and if system doing recording then how i can found my call recordings. I am using Cloud hosting from Vultr.

Waiting for your help, I am very upset because my Client using my system for its call center and he need all the recordings to satisfy their client against a query.

Ali Akbar Khan

In FrePBX 14 there’s no option to enable Call Recording on the Trunk. Where did you enable it?

Where did you look for it?

Typically you’d want to listen to recordings in the CDR module. Recordings are usually stored under /var/spool/asterisk/monitor/ Unless you changed the path in advanced settings

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