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I’m fairly new to FreePBX, I have recently noticed that only outbound calls are recorded when accessing them via iSymphony. I have set Trunk, Ring Group & Extension to Record yet I only see outbound calls. Is there something I am missing or a workaround?

Did you set inbound routes to record?

Do you see these calls recorded in CDR?

Yes every stage of the call is set to record, inbound route, ring group and extension. I can see the call recording in CDR just not in iSymphony.

Trying my luck to ping @isymphony maybe they can help.

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Please create a ticket with us at

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Thanks PitzKey & iSymphony, raised support case.

I’m trying to record inbound calls made to an extension within a ring group, this is where it is failing. It would work fine with SIP trunk direct to extension but not what I am wanting to achieve.

I know this post is old however i’ve seen it places and never resolved but yet, it is a MAJOR issue.

ISSUE: All calls are recorded and viewable in CDR. In iSymphony, only the outbound calls are displayed.

CAUSE: ISymphony seems to use the file name parsing for it’s data elements on the recording. These elements are determined by the actual recording file along with the file mask as defined in the server/admin config. For outbound calls recorded at the OUTBOUND route or TRUNK, the extension is recorded on the file and thus iSymphony can determine permissions on who views that recording. For INBOUND calls with a ring group, FreePBX/Asterisk will place the ring group extension in the destination spot NOT the actual extension (which is in the CEL) therefore the answering extension will never be recorded for iSymphony to determine it’s permissions.

RESOLUTION: NONE AT THIS TIME. When a ring group is used, the ring group is set as the destination in the CDR and thus the final extension is NEVER exposed to iSymphony.

This is a MAJOR flaw. If anyone has a resolution, please advise…

Did you open a ticket with iSymphony?

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Yes. seems like its the first time they’ve encountered this issue which is CRAZY…

Shouldn’t they know that on a ring group, the destination extension is not recorded in the CDR/Filename (it’s in the CEL) as this appears to have been an issue for YEARS???

This was their initial response a couple days ago. I’ll keep you guys posted as they keep me posted but I’m not holding my breath on this one…

Recordings automatically show up in the recordings widget for users that have an extension that is either the caller or the destination of the recording. iSymphony determines the the caller and destination by parsing the filename of the recording as configured in the recording agent configuration[2].

Since you have setup the asterisk to record the whole ring group, I wonder what the recorded file names look like. Do they still have the destination extension in the file name? If so, you should make sure the filemask is configured correctly.

sorry, not sure why all that bolded… Didn’t mean to yell although I have wasted most of the day on this. hahahaha…

SOLVED… Ok… its official… recording ring groups does not work in iSymphony… heres their official response…

Version 3 of iSymphony unfortunately needs the extension in the filename, without it iSymphony cannot do the CDR mapping.

Version 3 of iSymphony unfortunately needs the extension in the filename, without it iSymphony cannot do the CDR mapping.

I have updated our version 4 specification with the functional requirement to support ring group recordings

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