"Call recordings backed up"

I have multiple FreePBX’s running. i randomly received an email overnight from one of them with the subject “Call recordings backed up” and the body of the email reading:

We have just performed a monthly backup of your call recordings.

If you wish to save your call recordings, please log in and download your call recording archives.

My problem is, these machines have been running for a while and this is the first time I’ve seen this message. I checked my backups and all seem normal.

Is there a separate backup location for call recordings? Where can I find where this email and backup are setup so I can see what it is doing and how to change it?

This is nothing normally provided but

crontab -l -u root


crontab -l -u asterisk

might get you a clue

HI ,
This is all about your call recording backups.

To find the Recording Backups
You need to login GUI -> Reports -> Call Recordings -> Recording Archives

And there is a Tab named Settings you can change the settings here

Philip Joseph
Thank you for using FreePBX !

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