Call Recording

Is there a possible way to setup something where you can press a button on a phone to play a recorded message that says that the call will be recorded and then when the party agrees for the call to be recorded, another button is setup and when pressed, it will start the recording? We are trying to achieve this just for outbound calls.

Interesting one.
On demand call recording is available with the *1 code, so you could make the outbound call, ask the caller manually, then dial *1 and done.

That does not solve the automation issue.
Top of my head, an IVR could be configured, so you make the outbound call, transfer the call to the IVR when its answered and have the IVR route to a message “You don’t want the call recorded, goodbye” or “Thank you, this call will now be recorded” and then it transfers the call back to you.

However, that would need to IVR to ‘remember’ which extension transferred in the call, so it can send it back, unless the calls can go to a group of phones and it does not matter who originated them.

As always, there will be other solutions.

We are trying to get away from asking the caller manually. We also tried having a recording message to play automatically for outbound calls by setting the “outbound trunks options” with “TtA(custom/NameOfRecording” in the Advance Settings. The only dilemma is that it is possible for the receiver of the call to not hear the recording message if they have an IVR set.
These are the following options we can think of doing:

  1. Regular beep tone (which could be really annoying for both parties)
  2. Verbal notification (if the 3rd option below is possible, then we would not have to do this)
  3. Press a button on the phone to play the recording message then start recording.

You might want to investigate in-call features:-

a well written agi script being triggered should be more than enough to “do it all”