Call recording timestamps are off causing them not to show in the call monitor


Call Monitor issue.

Call recording timestamps are off, usually by one second but it causes the link to the recordings to not be displayed. This is not a problem with all of them but most don’t show. We keep a 45 day archive and still have about 67,000 recordings so I need to keep EXACT_MATCH on. I can search and find all missing recordings from the cli but

Does anybody know where the sql/system call is so I can modify it to not match on the seconds. I am new to all this and have inherited this beast so lacking in a bit of info.

Otherwise, great system.

Thanks in advance,


Update: found the correct callmonitor.module and CALLMONITOR_AGGRESSIVE_MATCHING

CALLMONITOR_AGGRESSIVE_MATCHING “on” did not give enough range to be helpful.

Will work out different matching pattern.