Call Recording Storage

I have a client who requires Call Recording for FSA compliance and I need to calculate the amount of storage required. Does anyone have experience of how much disk space a 10 minuite call will occupy? Also, is it possible to start overwriting the recordings after a set period of time or will they have to remove the recodings manually after a set period?

Thanks for the responses you posted. All I need to worry about now is if the guy orders a system, how to backup the call recordings :slight_smile: but I wil leave this untill I get the order. Cheers.

there are many ways to back up data. You can add another HD in the Asterisk and doing back up with some Linux commands. Or you can do back up to another system via network.
I back up my data from Asterisk to another computer, which is Windows system. Using networking to connect the Asterisk Box and the back up system then use back-up software doing this. I use Synctoy from Microsoft. It’s free.

Depending what type of recording you record: gsm, WAV,wav, ulaw … each type has a trade-off between quality and occupied space. I’m using WAV, taking about 10MB/1hour. It’s just ok for me because I don’t need good sound quality.
Yes, you can overwrite the name of recording if you name it manually.
Hope this help!

for planning purposes for call centers using wav i usually count 1 MB per minute of recording.