Call Recording Reports - Add new field

I recently purchased 2 modules/features

  1. Call Recordings (reports)
  2. Caller ID Management

I have customer who wants to see the “Outgoing caller ID” in the “Call Recordings Reports.”

Right now within “Call Recordings Report” the following are displayed:

How do I add an additional column that has “Outgoing caller ID” information?

Thank you

You can’t. Call Recording Reports is published under a commercial license which does not allow modifications. You can file a feature request:

If they are representing only two or three companies or departments, you could set up the phones with a separate line key for each identity. Instead of using feature codes to change caller ID, the user would just choose the appropriate line. On incoming, the flashing line key would identify which organization was being called. Since each line key would be a different extension number, the reports would inherently identify the calling number.

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