Call Recording on Custom Dialplan

hi guys,

I have written some short codes in the extensions_custom.conf and directly dialing via the trunk.

The issue is that these calls have not been recorded however the extension which are dialing these codes have Recordings enabled.

exten => 8800,1,Set(CALLERID(num)=87654321)
exten => 8800,n,NoOp(I am in Short Dialing)
exten => 8800,n,Dial(SIP/carrier/12345678)
exten => 8800,n,Hangup

I want to enable call recording on these short codes as I have multiple short codes for my users to dial their clients.

I am guessing that the system classifies this as an ‘internal’ call so it does not record.

Instead of custom dial plan, try setting an Outbound Route.
Route CID: 87654321
Override Extension: Yes
Trunk Sequence for Matched Routes: carrier
prepend: 12345678
prefix: 8800
match pattern: (leave empty)
Call Recording: Force

hmn that’s much better I can give it a try

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