Call recording from a mirror switch port


I need to come up with a solution to record all calls into a call center. These could be landline or mobile. The issue I have is that they won’t be using an Asterisk based PBX but have instead suggested sending me the call data from a mirror switch port from their network.

At first I looked at Cain & Abel on a Windoze box which recorded the calls nicely, however, CLI’s are also required and need to be tied into each recording. I then looked at Wireshark but this doesn’t save the calls individually, but instead saves in one big file (unless this has changed?).

My next thought was what if the call data was presented to an Asterisk PBX running FreePBX - calls could be recorded and the ARI would show CLI, time, date etc.

What I’m struggling with is working out how to implement this, as I don’t want to terminate any calls on the Asterisk PBX as there won’t be any endpoints connected. I merely want to record the data from the mirror switch port. Can this be done?

Any help or suggestions as to how to achieve this another way would also be greatly appreciated.



Here is one that works well on the mirrored port.

It just doesnt let you do g723 or g729 recording unless you buy the commercial version.