Call recording files move


we have FreePBX 15.0.21 as our phone server.
We collect CDR logs and also call recordings. A virtual disk is almost full of audio files (call records).
Our aim is to somehow save these files for future use and free disk space.
Is there any best practises for doing this?
I guess that simple move of files to file share or another disk is a simplest way.
But is it possible to access them from FreePBX CDR panel after move?



However, if you mount another disk, you can update in advanced settings the path for the recordings and then move the folders

Thanks for your answer.

Two more questions, please:

  1. After I update path with new disk and move files to this new disk, will it be possible to view old recordings and CDR logs from CDR menu? Or only the new ones (created after adding new disk)?

  2. Could not find this option for updating the path. I search inside Settings > Advanced settings. Google says to disactivate read-only access, but I can not find where to do this? Seems no such option available.

You could mount the network location to the default path inside FreePBX/CentOS where the recordings are stored after moving the files that are inside the local folder to the new network share as well.