Call recording controls don't show up in UCP after folder location change

I am relatively new to FreePBX so am still learning. Please bear with me.

I am running a hosted system using FreePBX 12.0.45 Asterisk Ver. 11.18.0

I recently ran out of space on the root drive of my hosted system so have added an additional drive and moved all existing call recordings to the new disk. I also made the change in the asterisk.conf file to reflect the new location, (astspooldir) but now I find I can not see any of the controls to play back or download the files.

New recordings are being stored in the new location OK, and all new and existing calls are showing up in the UCP although with no controls.

Should I have changed another setting to point the UCP to the new recordings, or could it be that the database is looking at the old location and thinks there are no recordings now?

Any help or pointers in the right direction would be most appreciated.

I think you may need to go into “Advanced Settings” and set the new folder in “Override Call Recording Location”.

Thanks leemason but I don’t seem to have that option available in my Advanced Settings.

Should have said, you need to select “Show read only settings” and “Override read only settings” to see and change this setting. However use this facility with caution!

Have you restored the owner of the files on the new drive? Check your file settings on the original destination with the new one and set the same owner (group/user). Also check your file permissions.

Thanks leemason - it seems I can change the ‘spool’ folder location so that would affect everything within that folder (I have actually copied everything from that spool folder to the new drive) so is that a safe thing to do?
I presume that all voicemails etc will then be stored on the new drive and the existing spool folder becomes redundant.

Thanks imb_new
The owner and permissions on the new drive would appear to be the same as the original files and folders.

By-the-way found this topic, maybe it helps.

Thanks for that imb_new

Looking at my root disk it is still filling up rapidly, and I suspect it’s mainly the contents of the var/log/asterisk folder even though I changed it in the asterisk.conf file.
I suspect that I now have to make the change in the ‘Advanced Settings’ page to force everything to go to the new location.
There are some large files in the /var/log/asterisk folder that i could move, (mainly ones with a date appended to them) but I don’t know if that would affect the normal operation of FreePBX.