Call Recording Commercial module - Not archiving monthly calls

I have purchased and installed the commercial Call Recording module and the calls are not archiving on the first of the month as advertised. Is there some setting which I am missing to make this happen?

In that module on the top right you will see a setting that says Archive Recordings, click on that link and you can adjust the time period.

Thanks Preston. I did click on the Archives button, but all I see are the settings (months to keep archive and emails). There are no saved archives for download for previous months.

I am having the same problem as Alex Lee.

The Settings are set as “Archive all recordings older than 1 month” yet there are no Archived Recordings.

When I click on Recorded Calls I see calls for December 1st, 2nd, etc…and by by now I would expect them to have been archived.

Is there another setting needed to active this commercial module?

I too have the same problem, set to 1 month but no archive. 6.12.65-31


Has anyone found a fix for this problem, Now sysadmin no longer shows the storage space used, I checked manually and it is 80% used and still no archiving on call recording module. I can manually remove files but would prefer to do it through the module.