Call recording button broken in Add Queue

If I go to edit a queue and I want to change the call recording, it changes the button on Ringer Volume Override Mode instead of Call Recording. I have tried multiple browsers and multiple computers. Some kind of update seems to have broken it? Here is a little video showing what I am talking about.

Looks like a browser issue, I am unable to reproduce using Queues ver. 13.0.34.

I thought the same at first, however like I said I have tried IE and Chrome on 3 different computers. I am using Queues version

Confirmed bug. Open a ticket at


I have a problem where I can not enable recording in queues using the latest distro (CentOS7).

When you click on the Call Recording buttons, it actually toggles the “Ringer Volume Override Mode” buttons ! Here is a screencast of it:

Tried with Chrome and Firefox under macOS.

Any hints appreciated.

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I was able to enable recording with an SQL statement:

update queues_details set data='yes' where keyword='recording';

But the UI is broken I think.

thank you @VoipForces It worked for me! :wink: