Call Recording and CDR data

Hi Guys

After many weeks of reading and testing i finally got my freepbx to make and receive calls today.

I need help with call recordings and CDR.

I have Voice mail work perfect.
I have IVR working.
I have the extension configured to always record in and out.
On the sip trace it does say its recording the station but when i try to retrive it i get nothing.
On the CDR side i get no data event from the report tab on Freepbx.

i would to like to have the cdr written to a share file and all calls to be recorded automatic.

Asterisk 1.6 with freepbx 2.7



Since i had no feedback i managed to get my CDR and Voice Recording working, not sure if its the correct way of doing so but here it goes:

when i checked the monitor directory on CLI i did see the call was been recorded but i couldn’t retrieve it from freebpx GUI( i still cant retrieve it from the GUI) I used filezila ftp client to ftp the directory and it works. Same with the cdr but theirs a few commands to run on CLI which will create the Master csv file and you can ftp the data out. Is this the best way, i would like to know how you do it?

For those who need help with getting freepbx up please post i will help im new to asterisk but have been learning the hard way…really cool.


I would think it would be easier to fix the Call Log issue.

If you can’t get it working you could install our distro. The call logging works out of the box!

Hi SkykingOH

Which distro will that be? i load freepbx with asterisk 1.6 downloaded as a package. It runs on Centos.

What am i missing?


We have an ISO based distro that you can use instead of loading from scratch.

You must have missed a configuration step if you built from scratch.

1 - Did you create a DB in MySQL
2 - Did you create a DB user
3 - Did you add the DB name/user/credentials to /etc/asterisk/cdr_mysql.conf
4 - Did you look at the Asterisk log on startup and look for errors on cdr?
5 - What does the CLI ‘cdr status’ does the SQL show as a registered backend

As I said the distro does all of this for you.