Call recording advice


I need to ask for an advice.

My current incoming call policy looks like that

DDI -> queue -> ring group -> agent.

Each agent has got his own DDI to call him directly, what is used only in particular cases.

However I need to have all call recorded.

At the moment queue is set to record calls. Each agent has got recording enabled for incoming and outgoing calls. In this situation when agent picks up the call, it’s being recorded twice. One call is recorded by the queue, second by the agent setting.

I don’t know if I’m right, but when call is recorded from the queue, the whole call history is being logged in one file. So when I call into the queue, talk to agent, then agent transfers me to someone else, then everything is being recorded to the one file. In case when I will disable queue recording, for every transfer I will have separate file what will make me confused in the future - it surely will!

Is there any way to set call recording like:

If call comes to the queue and agent’s recording is on, record only by the queue.

The problem is sometimes someone call us directly and that call has to be recorded. Hence agent call recording configuration set to ON.

Your help is really appreciated.