Call Recording 44 byte files

Hi all,

We have recently moved over to FreePBX 12 and I have been working on getting the new call recording set up. I’ve resolved most issues and we are down to one.

The only call recording we have on now is on the extensions and they are set to force. We are seeing 44 byte recording files created the moment a phone starts ringing. If the call is answered, the recording starts at the point that the phone is answered but if the call is not answered or answered by a different extension (from a queue) the 44 byte file remains.

In our setup, this causes a lot of these files to be generated as we have an IVR breakout set. Each time a call comes back to the queue from the breakout it generates a new file.

I can’t find any setting that allows us to have the server not create these files until answered or remove the files in the event that the extension does not answer.

All modules are up to date and it is plain FreePBX rather than part of anything else.

Any suggestions?

Make sure all of your modules are up to date.

Thanks for the reply but I did say in my last line that all the modules are up to date. I checked several times and also just before posting.

I resolved the 44 byte issue on outgoing call recording (incoming was working) by changing the codec for the extension in question from g722 to ulaw.

This is a verified bug in Asterisk (audiohook.c) in versions 11.17.x. The problem was fixed in Asterisk version 11.18.0.

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Thanks for the info, I expect that 11.18.x is a way off though seen as 11.17 has only made its way into the most recent version of FreePBX. Guess we’ll just have to wait. In the meantime I have a cron job running to clean them up.

Asterisk 11.18.0 was released on 6/4/15 and is the current version in the 11 series.

I had the same issue in that in a ring all scenario, setting calls to record at the queue level, it would record the 44 byte file for all that did not answer the call. My fix was to turn off recording at the queue level and only turn it on at the extension level.

I’m aware that 11.18.0 has only just been released, hence guessing that it’ll be a while before it makes it into an official FreePBX build.

We don’t have recording at the queue level, it is all extension level so unfortunately that isn’t a fix for us but thanks for the suggestion.

We have the same issue for all our extensions - also using G722. Not just ring-all, but any inbound / outbound calls from any G722 extensions.

I understand from the above that the issue is fixed in Asterisk 11.18.0, but we are using Asterisk 13.3.2 - is it also broken in this version?

We really don’t want to switch back to ulaw, so any suggestions would be appreciated!

It’s fixed in 13.4.0. Time to upgrade.

Thank you! :smile:

I wasn’t aware that I had to upgrade the distro itself as well as just the modules. After upgrading the FreePBX distro to 6.12.65-28 using the Sysadmin Module, Asterisk was updated to version 13.4.0, and recordings indeed work now.


I have 13.7.2 and freebpx and am also using ulaw. Does anyone still have this issue using the latest version?

I updated to 10.13.66-9 yesterday with Asterisk 13.7.2 and FreePBX 13.0.89. We are still seeing the continual creation of 44 byte files from the queues.

I’ve seen this before - as I recall, a “null” wav file (created, but no audio captured) is 44-bytes.

Is it possible that you’re seeing files that are getting created but no audio was captured.

Hi Dave,

Not in our case. It is calls from a queue where it creates a file for every extension that rings. The audio then gets captured to whichever extension answered.

OK, then. Sorry I couldn’t help.

Thank you for trying!

Were you ever able to resolve this? I have the same issue.

No. I just have a cron job that runs the following shell script every hour:

/bin/find /var/www/html/monitor/ -type f -size 44c -exec /bin/rm -if {} \;

The original issue still happens and we’re on asterisk 13.16.0 now