Call Recording *1 not working

I know there are a lot of posts on this, but wanted to get the latest if anyone know why this may not be working.

Setting Extensions|Record inbound/outboud: “Always” does record the calls.

In Features *1 is there and enabled.

In General, I have:
Asterisk Dial command options: tTrwW
Asterisk Outbound Dial command options: tTwW
(I have also tried the xX)

In Advanced Settings I have tried
Use MixMonitor for Recordings: both True and False

In fetures-general-custom.conf I have:
featuredigittimeout = 4000

When dialing *1 on an outbound call, I do hear the beep.

In the CLI, after dialing *1, I only see a responce to the “Beep.wav” being played.
Nothing about recording.


My understanding, from my own testing and from my limited discussions with people who really know their stuff, is that this Asterisk feature simply does not work, that Digium hasn’t fixed it, and that the FreePBX team may, at some point, write their own routines to work around it.

But, my memory may be wrong. However, I was never able to get it to work.

For those who are interested…

It turns out the recordings are being saved in the monitor folder.

However, they don’t show up in the portal with the CDR record. (*1 calls)
If “Record Always” is set, those calls do show up with the CDR record.

Changing the Dial Commands to TtrXx and outbound to TtXx and changing “Use automixmon to record” to True, does now show “recording call…” when *1 is dialed in the CLI.

Here’s the catcher…

When all the recordings are deleted from the monitor folder…
Whoever records the first call, that call will show up in the portal. (Will call this CALL 1.)

If anyone else records a call (*1), it will not show up in their portal.

If the first extension makes another call (CALL 2), it will not show that recording in the portal.

If the first extension plays the recording attached to CALL 1, CALL 2 heard.

When deleting the recording attached to CALL 1, the file is removed from the monitor folder. HOWEVER, the CDR still shows there is a recording still attached to CALL 1. When played, it now plays CALL 1.

Hopefully this will spark someone’s brain into knowing how to fix this.
Thanks, Ira

Just did some more testing on *1 recording…

Whoever is the first to record a call, will see that call in their portal.
That will be the only record that shows a recorded call for anyone.

HOWEVER, when the first person attempts to play back that first recording attached to the call record, they will hear the newest recording regardless of who made the recording.