Call record file 1 kb

tried to enable call recording on freepbx 15 distro.

i enabled call recording for the extensions.

the file is being created at /var/spool/asterisk/monitor/ but of a size of only 1kb no matter how long the call is and the file could not be played.

the codec enabled is ulaw.
i stopped fwconsole chown on all /var directory.
i did not buy CDR module.
i just want to make sure files created at /var/spool/asterisk/monitor/ are of real size and could be played.

Hi @samihep123
what is your call recording strategy? Inbound, Outbound or Both calls recording ?
My suggestion, Check Module updates and update your PBX all modules to last version.
And pls check below wiki page for more information. ( Call Recording walk through - PBX GUI - Documentation )

I have only Inbound calls record and on me works.

Normally you should see and listening in CDR Reports module.

m trying to record calls for internal calls.

i enabled call recording for internal calls … i have nothing to do in inbound routes.

thanks for the help anw

Okay then, Try to Enable in Extensions module Recording Options to YES or FORCE
Good luck.

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things worked fine now.

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