Call queues groups n ddi's which get answered first?

If a phone extension is a queue agent, is also in a group and has a DDI number and if calls come in to all three then which call would get answered first?

I think I want to set up an incoming number to ring a group, if it’s not answered fairly quickly say 10 seconds then it would go to the queue.

calls in the queue would need to get answered before calls in the group as they would have been waiting longer.

if there has been a call in the queue for 50 seconds and an agent is about to answer it when someone calls his DDI number which call will be answered? I can see that in different situations you may wnat a caller who is privelidged enough to have been given an agents DDI number to be able to jump the queue. and in other situations it may be better if the calls have equel priority and which ever has been waiting longest gets answered first.

Is this adjustable?

I have seen that you can give a call a higher priority and so wonder if by default the call that has been waiting longest will be answered first no matter if its in a queue, group or to a DDI, unless its been given a priority boost.

any advice please?


The simple solution is to set inbound route to a ring group and set Ring Time to your desired time. Then goto the end of the page and select queues in “Destination if no answer:” section and select your desired queue. Best option is to give it a try so simple play with other settings you want to implement and share your outcome with us also.

but I think uou maybe missed my point.

what I wanted to know was if three separate calls come in to the system at about the same time, one on an inbound route that is pointed to a group, one on an inbound route that is pointed to a queue and one on a direct dial number for a phone which is logged into the queue and is also a member of the group.

There are three separate calls all ringing at the same extension. when that phone answers does he get the call which came in first or does the caller who dialled his DDI get answered first etc. do all calls by default have equel prioritty and so they are answered first come first served unless you increase the priority?