Call Queue Weirdness

We set up a client so that when someone calls there business their phones ring for 30 seconds and if no one picks up it goes into a call queue. I just got a call from the client who said one of their customers claims that they were connected to another customer already waiting in the call queue rather than placed into the queue itself. Unfortunately he did not have any details so I cannot look up in the log but was just curious if any had heard of this happening before?

Can’t answer this. You did not tell us anything about the system or software version.

Because the question isn’t about system specifics. I recognized we did nto have the details necessary to look it up. I am asking if anyone had ever heard of this sort of thing happening with call queues where one caller is connected to another caller as if they had called each other.

This is just a general question.

It is system specific. FreePBX doesn’t even participate in the media processing, that’s Asterisk’s job. FreePBX supports many Asterisk version running on several OS’s.