Call Queue monitor available

So, one of the reasons for wanting to switch to Asterisk was a requirement to have a ‘wallboard’ type display in the salesroom. The current phone system wouldnt support it at all and we just wanted something reasonably simple.

As a result, I’ve just wrote one. It runs under PHP and I currently have it running on the asterisk server itself, it simply shows the number of calls waiting, the number of abandoned calls and then a list of the callers waiting in the queue and their wait times. Some basic highlighing has been done cal calls waiting for too long turn red.

The code is commented and clean but it is my first php app and I expect it to be ‘not very good’ I would like to offer it to the community for use if anyone wants it. I’ll also be making improvements to it over time.

I’d like to attach the file to the forum or upload it somewhere but there seems not to be an ‘attach’ function. Any ideas?

Can this be downloaded from, it would work awesome for our company! Please send me an email [email protected] Thanks!

I’d like to attach the file to the forum or upload it somewhere but there seems not to be an ‘attach’ function. Any ideas?[/quote]
post it into FreePBX as a patch ticket. Then we can take a look at the code and possibly leverage some of it. For example, we plan on adding some queue info to the FreePBX System Status (dashboard). I suspect we can cut and paste some of your parsing. In any event, people can get it from the ticket system.

ok, I’ve logged a ticket here

It still needs some work, but it’s on hold for me at the moment as I’ve other asterisk based issues to resolve before it is needed to go live, I’ll be comming back to it before long though and will look at adding far more features and functions.

The main problem with it at the moment though, is althought there’s a variable near the start of the script for you to specify the number of the queue to be monitored, this is completely ignored by the script :oops: it will just read the first queue. Bear this in mind if you are testing with multiple queues.

The reason for that problem is my lack of skills when it comes to coding regex’s and utter lack of php skills. This is the first time I’ve tried to write php and when you see the code, that just may be obvious!!

Anyway, I really hope it will be of help to someone, I know it ‘ticks a box’ for us.