Call Queue: make line 2 ring if line 1 is busy on the same ext? Also Divert caller to vm?

I have a feeling call queues aren’t designed to do what i want, so if there’s a better way to configure this please let me know.

I’ve got a call queue where the receptionist is a static member, and i have 1 dynamic member to act as a backup when needed. So most of the time our main call queue is only going to 1 extension.

so if the receptionist is on a call on line 1 of her ext., and another call comes in to the queue, she would like line 2 on her ext. to ring instead of getting a call waiting beep. Can i configure this?

Alternatively sometimes she’ll look at the caller id and see it’s not an vip customer, a junk call, or whatever, and want to divert the call to voicemail. Is this even possible to do with a call queue? Every time she hits reject the phone just rings again in a few seconds and the caller stays in queue until the timeout is reached.

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