Call Quality Tracking

I manage a few dozen system and am aware of the usual suspects that cause poor voice quality. Typical scenario has SIP endpoints at one place, and PBX elsewhere in a major datacenter. Real problems are rare, and some people exaggerate more than others, so it’s hard to tell if there really is a problem or not in some cases with certain people. Obviously it will never be perfect if you’re traversing public internet, and I do set that expectation.

I’m looking for a way to track/report on call quality. Is there such a way/tool at the asterisk level or within fpbx? Ideally a simple report/graph like the other server resource utilization on the main dashboard screen within fpbx, so I can get an overview of what a day looked like, vs sitting there staring at a trace for potentially hours on end.

FPBX distro and Asterisk 13.22 with pjsip and usually g.711 end to end.

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