Call quality on vmware hosted freepbx

We have a vmware hosted SBC and we are wondering how to test call capacity. The vendor said we wouldn’t need a transcoding card, but with around 10 calls we have call quality issues. This vm is connected to our network via the 10 gigabit interface of our server which has jumbo frames enabled. Would it be better to switch to the 1 gigabit interface without jumbo frames? Are jumbo frames an issue with voip?

it sounds like a vendor set this up for you? Sounds like they should know how to spec the system and estimate workload based on your use case.

I’m new to asterisk, i last played around with it about a decade ago before i went to a hosted solution due to lack of mms support. I’m looking back into freepbx now. I can just speak from a generic sysadmin perspective.

Last time i played around with asterisk jitter was a nightmare under vmware until i did something with the time keeping, i honestly can’t recall. Fast Disk is always generally important too. I assume you’re storage pool on SSD or NVME? Have you looked at the server load during calls while it’s having issues? How do your Disk IOPS look? What about CPU & memory utilization on the guest? Does your host (bios, or in vmware) have any sort of power saving functions enabled? turn them off.

And to answer your first question, i would not use jumbo frames for voip, from a networking perspective i would imagine it causes more jitter.

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