Call quality degrades after 3-5 minutes on a phone

I’m having similar issue with my call quality being degraded after 3-6 minutes on a phone, also its only issue on the other side of the call ( outside my freePBX) which is very choppy for my callers, but 100% clear for me, calling back in 5 seconds fixes this issue but again in 3-4 minutes same problem.

I do have another VOIP service connected to the same phone and phone quality never degrades ( CISCO 525G2 phone on Cable Network with ASUS Router)

Not sure if attached question with similar quality issue had some solution.

thx Mike

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Sorry for bringing up and old thread but did you ever get a resolution to this issue? I have a similar issue where call quality becomes degraded after the call is placed on hold. The poor call quality isn’t evident in the call recordings.

We’re using Freepbx 13 and Yealink T42 and T46 both of which have experience the issue,

Any ideas or help would be much appreciated.