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I have call pickup working on a 13.38.3 system, However on a 16.30.0 system I cannot get this work.

My extensions now have a context (from-internal) and a call pickup results in:

from the logs:
Call from ‘XXXXXXXXXX’ (X.X.X.X:31003) to extension ‘*8XXXXXXXXXX’ rejected because extension not found in context ‘from-internal’.

What am I missing?

*8XXXXXXXXXX does not exist in the extensions_additional.conf file in /etc/asterisk. As to why it is not there, I could not say. Maybe you need to uninstall/install the impacted modules?

Feature Code Descriptions - PBX GUI - Documentation (

*8xxxx is not a default pattern.

You can just dial *8 (general call pickup) and what you can pick up is defined by Call Groups and Pickup Groups.

Or, you can dial **xxxx (directed call pickup) to pick up the call ringing on extension xxxx.

*8 is the default feature code for “Asterisk General Call Pickup”
** is the default feature code for “Directed Call Pickup”

So to grab the ringing phone I have a softkey that dials *8PHONENUM on a BLF

And as I said this works perfectly on the other system.

What is PHONENUM (number of a ringing extension, DID being called, caller ID)?

If it’s an extension and there is a BLF key for it on the phone doing the pickup, with most systems the BLF will be flashing and you can just press it to pick up.

Otherwise, does dialing **PHONENUM instead of *8PHONENUM work? Or, can you add the two extensions to the same call group and pickup group and just dial *8?

Sorry yes PHONENUM is the 10 digit extension. So I guess I should have called is XXXXXXXXXX And the extension is also the DID. Which all work perfectly.

Yes the BLF blinks, but you can’t pick it up.

I get an error on the phone (CALL FAILED *8XXXXXXXXXX) as well as those logs.

Call from ‘XXXXXXXXXX’ (X.X.X.X:31003) to extension ‘*8XXXXXXXXXX’ rejected because extension not found in context ‘from-internal’.

Like I said I have this working the exact same way on another (OLDER) system.

I have the pickup groups configured, they are matching.

IMHO, it should not have worked on the older system, unless you changed the feature codes. One possibility is that you changed the feature code for directed call pickup to *8. The other is that an older implementation of call pickup allowed *8 to work as directed call pickup, but doesn’t anymore.

Your options include:

  1. Change the feature code for directed call pickup to *8, after moving the code for Asterisk general call pickup out of the way.

  2. Change your pickup button to dial **PHONENUM instead of *8PHONENUM.

  3. Change your pickup button to dial *8, assuming that call groups and pickup groups are properly set.

  4. Fix your provisioning so BLF keys will pick up calls, eliminating the need for a special pickup button. On Polycom, the settings are attendant.behaviors.automata.pickupOnBusy=“0” and call.directedCallPickupString=“**” . I don’t remember the settings for Yealink, but they are in the Pickup section and fairly obvious. On most Sangoma phones, it works “out of the box”, but you may have some settings that broke this function.

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