Call Pickup to show number on screen before picking up

When users dial *8, and are in the same pickup group, they are able to pick the call up from the pickup group and they are presented with the call right away.

Is it possible for them to see who is dialling, before deciding whether to pick the call up? so that they see the CID on screen and then choose whether to actually pick the call up.

IIRC with Sangoma Visual BLF you can see who’s calling. But I may be wrong.

BLF pickup works on Yealink. You can enable a visual alert and/or an audio alert (short beep). It displays who is calling and who is being called. You can pick up the call by pressing the BLF or the pickup soft key.

I have some Grandstream 1628 where BLF pickup fails, because of a firmware bug related to our use of a nonstandard SIP port. I worked with their support but they wouldn’t fix it. It’s not terrible – it does correctly show who is calling and who is being called, and you can still press *8 to pick up the call.

Thanks. I managed to get visual BLF notifacations working on the Yealink phone, but unfortunately all of the calls only show the extension and not the original CID

So on the display of the phone, when somebody calls 1000 I would expect it to show:
1000 <- 07XXXXXXXXX
Instead it shows
1000 <-

Having looked, in chan sip settings, there is an option to set notifycid = yes but all references look like PJSIP does not support notifycid, is it correct that this is a limitation or has this been introduced in a later version of asterisk?

Thanks in advance

Does anyone know if this will be released in a newer version of PJSIP? and/ or if it is fixed in newer versions of Asterisk? (I read that there is an issue with Asterisk 13.x where the CLID is not displayed)

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