Call pickup through a sip trunk

Perhaps strange question…

My extension is ringing
Can I place an incoming call throuhg a SIP trunk to pickup my extension ringing ??

Yup - that’s a strange question.

The part that makes is strange is

Trunks don’t answer calls, so you’ll have to restate your question.

You can connect through a trunk using an extension somewhere else and then, if you are in the same pickup group, dial the “Group Pickup” feature and pick up any call in the group.

We have two pbx interconnected via a sip trunk (FreePBX—Avaya) so one can dial each other extensions and various services.
When a phone ring on FreePBX, an extension that resides on the Avaya pbx should be able to do a call pickup into FreePBX machine by mean of some feature code or some other trick
Is it possible in some way ??

Normally, call pickup is a server-based service. There is a call pickup feature code on Asterisk, but I don’t know if it would translate to an Avaya PBX.

The problem (from a conceptual point of view) is that the Avaya has no idea that the phone is ringing on the other PBX. You’d have to barge into the call on the other PBX, which isn’t really something most of us want to be available.

I think about the possibility to reach a custom feature as inbound route from Avaya to Freepbx and dial something to pick up ringing phone…

Easier than I think …

Into avaya pbx I’ve created a feature code to dial : ** freepbx_ext_no@freepbxipaddress
for a directed call pickup through sip tunk


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