Call Pickup question


We can do group call pickup using *8, or call pickup for a specific extension using *8+extension - that works perfectly.

However, in the case that we want to pick up a call for Joe, but we don’t remember Joe’s extension - how can we achieve call pickup ? More specifically, we have on our Yealink T48U a BLF for Joe and Jane, and we can see that both their phones are ringing at the same time. We want to pickup Joe’s call, but we don’t remember his extension. If we do group call pickup, the system won’t necessarily pickup the call we want.

Is this something that can be achieved, through Phone Apps or otherwise? We don’t have Phone Apps or EPM yet, but we are willing to purchase these modules if necessary.


Program your Yealink phones so that you can depress the BLF key that is ringing and pick up the call. See this article: Yealink Support

In FreePBX, the default directed call pickup code is ** and that is what you would enter based on the instructions in the link.

Thanks, that did the trick exactly!

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