Call Pickup Priority Question

Our operators have Sangoma s505 phones, all part of a ring group that our main DID is directed to; this is set to ring all the phones in the group until the call is picked up. They have a couple pages of speed dials for the various people / departments that they regularly transfer calls to so that they do not need to punch in the 4-digit extensions every time.

If the phone is on one of these pages of speed dials and a call comes in on a second or third line appearance, they are unable to pick it up without first switching to page 1 and pressing the flashing line button. In other words, if they’re on a call and another comes in, line 2 starts ringing. They hang up with who they’re talking to & pick up the receiver right away to answer the incoming call, but instead get a dial tone as the phone defaults to the first line on the phone instead of the ringing line.

Does anyone know if this behavior can be changed to make the phone answer the ringing line by default, no matter which line it happens to be ringing on??? I’ve searched through both the PBX & the web GUI on the phone itself & can’t find a setting to control this, but feel there must be one.

I am not sure; it might be worth opening a service ticket with Sangoma to definitively find out.

How to open a Feature Request - Support Services - Documentation (

For all Sangoma phones including D-Series (e.g. D60, D65, D80, etc.), S-Series (S206, S305, S406, etc.), DECT, and the P310 and P315:

Send an email to the address [email protected]

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