Call pickup does not work when picking up from parkinglot

I have the following setup:

Of one of my clients incomings call are queued. The operator uses a Tipel 3240 handset. I have setup BLF for
the parkinglots 71 en 72. When the operator answers the call and a new call comes in she is notified. Via *88 she parks the current call. The systems responds with 71. The BLF light of 71 goes to red. The calles gets music on hold. The operator answers the incoming call and parks this one as well with *88. The systems announces 72. The 72 BLF goes to red. The caller gets music on hold. So far so good.

When the operator now pushes the BLF of 71 (where *8571 is programmed) the LED goes from red to green, but both caller and operator get music on hold. So the call seems from the parking lot but on hold.Can anybody tell me what I am doing wrong or how to fix this?

I hope I don’t state the obvious however have you tried simply dialing 71# to pickup the call? I’m not familiar with *85

From the Wiki:

Parking includes a feature code called Pickup ParkedCall Prefix. It is *85 by default and can be changed in the Feature Codes module. When used in conjunction with a parking lot number, it picks up “the next call” from the specified lot. When used in conjunction with a specific slot number, it picks up the call in that slot.

  • Things to check would include the Feature Codes module. Make sure your *85 is still set up as the Parking Lot Pickup number.

  • Check in the '/var/log/asterisk/full" log and see what code is actually getting sent from the phone.

  • Try programming your call pickup BLF Key to include a “#” at the end - this will immediate dial the number in the hotkey.

There are probably other suggestions, but those three are a good first set.

Hi Dave,

*85 is in the Features Code.

The other 2 suggestions I will try out, next week . I will let you know the result.

Thanks Frank. I will also try your suggestion.

Thanks a lot for your sugestions. I cracked the issue. I was using the functionkey fastdial. This leaves the call in standby. When I pickup the call it remains in standby.

On the function key you can program parking mode. Now it works fine. The call is parked and the connection is broken. Now I can pick up the second call and park it as well. Unparking goes perfect now.

The way to do it as frankb sugests use the parking feature and use as parameter 70. Under the BLF keys use 71 and 72 (etc).

Just to be clear, this is the programming of the Tiptel handset.