Call.php and Outbound route


Dear ALL,
when i’m trying to call the number=357XXXXXXXX through the call.php , i noticed that if i have an outbound route with /300 at the end , the call is not routed through this route.
Any suggestions?

This is not a freepbx file. No idea what’s in the file or how it works. You should ask the person who wrote it

As @tm1000 says. I know nothing about it, either. However, try adding a dial pattern to the route with a prefix and use that prefix in the URL. For example, assuming that your trunk will accept a number in the form 357XXXXXXXX:

prepend: (leave blank)
prefix: 000
match pattern: 357XXXXXXXX (if this is only for Cyprus)
CallerID: (leave blank)

Then, access https://freepbx/call.php?exten=SIP/300&number=000357XXXXXXXX

If this is not suitable, please provide details.

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