Call Parking - Yealink Phone - Asterisk 11 vs 13

Hi There,

Freepbx 10.13.66-22
Asterisk 11.25.3
Parking Pro
Yealink T29G Phone Firmware46.82.0.30 ( or or

Have programmable DSS key set to CallPark and 70 … works great, parks in 71 and announcement says 71.

Exact same scenario except Asterisk 13.18.3

Have programmable DSS key set to CallPark and 70 … works great, parks in 71 but you can hear the announcement start to say “Sev”… and gets cut off. the BLF I have set on a different key to monitor 71 lights up red.

Any ideas on what I can do to allow the slot announcement to finish before it completes the transfer and hangs up???

Bump … any ideas or direction would be greatly appreciated

Have you tried using a BLF instead of a call park button for park 70. Also you could park directly into 71 and always know where it went into.

On our PBX it works fine, when i look in the logs i see:

file.c: <SIP/4706-000010b2> Playing 'digits/7.ulaw' (language 'en')
file.c: <SIP/4706-000010b2> Playing 'digits/1.ulaw' (language 'en')

@adtopkek direct parking is not feasible … not enough buttons vs how many parking slots needed. Blf would still need to hit transfer before and after … 3 total buttons, that is not acceptable to this client.

@PitzKey what log file we’re tou referencing. I will compare mine to yours.

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I monitored asterisk -rvvv while doing a call. You can view it in the GUI under Reports > Asterisk Logfiles

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I’m not sure how you configured your BLF keys, i can just press that key and it automatically transfers the call into the parking slot.

Which is why i hope that Sangoma will make a phone model like the Grandstream GXP2160 or the Fanvil X5, with about 10 BLF keys on the right.

This will help many call centers and doctors offices, i find BLF keys on the bottom right much more handy than the BLF keys up by the screen. It doesn’t pay to buy Expansion Modules for 8-10 side keys…

The yealink T46 has 10 buttons to the left/right of the screen and 3 pages so it ends up having 27 usable buttons across 3 pages plus the expansions that typically have 2 pages.

So does the Sangoma S700/705 (And the S500 has 8) But i’m talking about buttons on the side where there’s more space between the buttons and it adds a lot to call center agents multi-task operations… it’s much easier than using pages etc.

I totally agree with physical blf buttons vs virtual buttons (pages).

I just don’t understand how I can be having these issues sending people into the parking lot by just changing my asterisk version. I would had assumed that it would have worked exactly the same.

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What happens if you use DSS key type of DTMF with a value of ##70 or ##70# (Assuming blind transfer is set to ##)? This is how I have my parking button setup for the T46G/S, and T42G and seems to work fine with Asterisk 13.

Did you have a chance yet to compare the logs? Thanks

I will not be able to perform more testing until this evening as per customers request.

Yes DTMF works great however very klunky with the tones going on in the ear etc. the Park feature from yealink is so much more professional

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