Call Parking - Two Issues

I have an install of PBXact 13 with HA enabled and cut over to it yesterday. I’ve been working through the issues and have most of them solved, but have run into 2 problems with parking that I’m hoping somebody will be able to provide some direction on.

First, we have a mix of Sangoma phones (for managers) and old Cisco phones (for regular users). Whenever anybody parks a call in the entire business, every single Sangoma phone will emit a beep and the message ‘Call Parked’ appears on the display. Everybody does not need to know that somebody somewhere parked a call, but the main thing that people are complaining about is the beeping. How can I turn off either the notification or at least the beeping on all Sangoma phones when a call is parked? (I’ve looked at ‘courtesy tone’, but that seems to apply to the beep played in the call.) I want it to show on the phone doing the parking, not all of them.

The second issue is also related to parking and is especially frustrating because it worked when I was testing on a small scale and does not work now! When a call is parked, the park slot is read to the user. On Sangoma phones, a message is shown on the display ‘Call Parked’. (As described above, it’s shown on ALL Sangoma phones, not just the one doing the parking.) What’s annoying is that during testing, the message would read ‘Call Parked at nn’ where nn is the park slot assigned to the call. Now, we get just the generic ‘Call Parked’ message without the slot assigned to the parked call. How can I get the system to again show the information it used to, namely the slot the call was parked in? The only way they can see it now is to load up the Parking app and look at the caller IDs of the parked calls, which is far from ideal.

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I don’t recall ever seeing text on the phone indicating parking slot, how sure are you that you saw that?

1 - Fixed - thank you Lorne! :slight_smile:

2 - If I had to put a percentage on seeing the parking slot on the display while testing, I’d have to put it in the high 90s.

Quick and dirty test. It looks like the park notification sent to other phones includes the parking slot, but the notification sent to the parking phone does not. I suspect this could be improved, feel free to file a feature request for commercial modules:

Done - ticket #920108. Thank you for the information & advice Lorne. (Even though you’re supposed to just tell me what box I accidentally didn’t check to fix this problem too! :wink: :smiley: )

Might just be that it’s different, even though this does seem like pretty basic functionality for parking, especially considering how many more advanced features are built into the system… even our 15+ year old Cisco phones showed the park slot after parking a call! :astonished: (We are NOT going back to that system if I have anything to say about it though! :wink: )

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