Call parking plays MOH to parker


Running FPBX 3.211.63-10 with Asterisk 10.12.2 when I go to park a call via a transfer to 70 I get the parking lot played back and then MOH is played to the person who parked the call. The other party hears MOH as well, but the person who is parking the call should just get the parking lot then a hangup.

At first I thought I was running into a EFK issue on Polycoms then when I did more manual testing with just a transfer to extension 70 I get the exact same behavior.

Any ideals on this? Ive dug around int the code but I think a AGI is actually doing the parking portion. Could I just disable parking and do this manually in the DP bypass all the FPBX code for now? I don’t see how that would effect anything else (might break iSymphony though). Thoughts?


Upgrade Asterisk off of 10.

Also what happens if you do ##70#.