Call Parking Issues


I have had customer request the use of the Parking App via a BLF. Technically it has always been there as a feature, but they could not remember the code. So, in configuring the BLF via Commercial EDM, I have tried a couple of different things.

On the Sangoma S705 I am using the PhoneApp for Parking. That seems to work correctly every time. I get the attended transfer message and extension and the Sangoma Phone disconnected the call.

On the Digium Phones, I have still just using the Commercial EDM without DPMA. I tried using the rest apps XML call but that does not work at all. I get a “Loading” Message on the phone and then it times out. I am not sure if Digium phones now have access to the PhoneApps module included for free since Digium is now a part of Sangoma (and thats how they handled the free version of EDM).

So, I went back to the phone and created a BLF with the key code of *270. That is not working the way I read on the setttings page that it would. So, I went back and set the BLF to 70. Now, the call is parked and I get the Attended Annoucement, but neither of the calls disconnect on the phone that dial 70. So, I have 2 different lines occupied, I am getting hold music on both phones, and I can grab the parked call on another phone but again, the phone that dialed 70 to park the other call, still shows the original call and the call to park on the screen with active timers for both.

Can anyone explain to me if the Digium phone should have access to the PhoneApps for free and what is going on with the park feature? Is it an issue with the DTMF tones or something with the app itself?

I am using a fully updated (yesterday) Freebpx 40 appliance. Digium D60 & D65 phones.
PBX Firmware:12.7.6-2002-2.sng7 PBX Service Pack:
Asterisk 13.32.0

Thank you,

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