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Call Parking and BLFs - Unexpected Behavior - S500

(Zac) #1

If I create a few BLFs for parking spaces (71, 72, 73, etc.) all works well. I can transfer calls to them and pick them up as expected, however, if I’m going to pick someone back up out of the a parking space and my phone happens to ring at the same time, instead of picking up the parked caller I end up merging the calls of the person in the parking space and the person whom was ringing my phone.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how I could prevent that from happening?

(Tony Lewis) #2

Correct the default behavior of pressing a BLF while on a call is to transfer the call to the BLF. You can instead make that behavior be to create a new call and not transfer. This is documented in the wiki for Sangoma phones.