Call Park Soft Key Issues

I am using FreePBX and 4 Grandstream GXP 2130v2 IP Phones.

I have 3 of the 8 softkeys on these phones programmed as BLF keys for 3 park slots: 71,72, and 73 and 3 other softkeys programmed as speed dials to other extensions.

When a call comes in, and I press the transfer button, then press one of the BLF soft keys to try and transfer the call to the parking lot, it just puts the person on hold and does not transfer them to the parking lot.

Putty output when this action is taken:
– Started music on hold, class ‘default’, on SIP/VOIP_INNOV_ORIGINATION-00004d4e

So it looks like it is just putting the call on hold, not transferring them.

However, if I press transfer, then dial 71 manually, it transfers the call to the parking lot… so that’s how I’ve isolated the issue down to a problem with the softkey.

Here’s the weird part… this issue is isolated to only inbound calls. If I place an outbound call, then press transfer, and hit one of my BLF call park soft keys, it parks them as it should…

Any ideas here? Soft key set up is pretty straight forward for call parking from what I know, in that you just program your soft keys for BLF and point the keys to the parking slots.

Any ideas?

I have all 3 SIP accounts on the Grandstream phones set for the same extension… The BLF keys were all configured to use account 1, and I switched them to account 3 and it appears to be working now. Which is so odd, since all 3 SIP lines are configured for the same account…

My only thought is when all 3 SIP lines are configured for the same extension on these phones, all inbound calls default to ring line 3 if you are not on the phone… So maybe I have to set the BLF keys to use the line that the inbound call came in on to work? But what happens if you’re on line 3, and someone calls in on line 2 that you want to park, but your BLF key is programmed to use account 3?

I dunno… I’m rambling at this point… I’ll post back if I notice any problems. If anyone has any input, I’d still love to hear it.