Call Park position announcement

Using Grandstream 2160 and 2100 phones and GXV3240. I have a key Programmed as call park and *8670

Call comes in, I answer it. I then press call park. The call gets parked but I do not hear the announcement of the position.

If I press ##70 or ##*8670 I get the announcement, but using feature buttons I do not get the announcement. Now we have to guess where they are.

I have had this system in place for years, it used to work the correct way.
UPDATE found a phone with several versions of firmware old, and it acts the same so it is system issue not a phone issue
Any help would be great!

How do i get a debug log for anyone to look at?

That is a phone issue. Its hanging up before the slot gets played back. Try creating a button type of speeddial of ## and the slot number

Speed dial via MPK is working and thats my current workaround. but the callee has to wait for tones to be played ( a little slow through speed dial.) I do not see how this could be phone related, as some of my systems have not had ANY firmware updates to phones and several sites are currently experiencing this issue, so how could it be phone related if nothing changed on phone but the systems are all updated, and now acting this way?

I have no clue but that call park button is a phone feature. Not a PBX thing. Its the phone sending the command. Its up to the phone to wait and not hangup the call