Call Park Keys - Flashing Green, Drops caller

If there are four call park keys and they all flash green, then drop a parked caller, any thoughts on what might cause that?

I know that isn’t much to go on, so mostly just trying to get ideas here.

It would be most helpful if you could re-create this failure scenario and then obtain a snip of the Asterisk log for that period of time. Then we can see what is actually happening and guide you further. Other helpful information:

  • Version of FreePBX
  • Version of Asterisk
  • Are you parking calls directly to slots or are you sending to the standard parking lot number for auto assignment to a slot?
  • What phones are you using?
  • etc…

There have been networking issues, so I think that’s the root cause here…

Caller is transferred to a slot via BLF. 1 call park slot out of 4 is now used. All four flash. Caller is lost.

So, you are transferring directly to a slot number like 71, 72, 73, etc (if default)? Have you tried sending to the main lot number (70 by default) and are you getting the same results?

Not using default. It’s a rare occurrence, unfortunately so not very reproducible.

I’ve got some phones losing registration in asterisk, but I wouldn’t think that would matter since call park is holding the call in asterisk and not the phone.

We had a similar issue, turned out the our users where hanging up before the call was fully parked.

We do not park directly into spots, I changed the Call Park key on the handsets to a DTMF ##710#. To put the call into the lot. The key was the last # to “do now” then they have BLF’s for 711 and 712

I was actually going to suggest this same thing…it works great for direct to spot and the main lot number to ensure that the call gets transferred over BEFORE the agent hangs up. It also means the agent doesn’t have to remember the parking lot number and prevents misdials.

I’m always appreciative of how helpful this community is.

Solid tips. Thank you.

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